Nintendo consoles

For many years, Nintendo have been offering outstanding electronic games worldwide. It is an electronic company that is located in Kyoto, Japan and was built in the year 1889. The company originally made and marketed games that are called as Hanafuda.

However, unlike the other company, Nintendo also experienced many failures in the industry. Because of it, in 1970s, the company switched their attention to industry of video gaming. Nintendo’s very first venture in the video gaming industry was in the year 1974, it is the time when there are secured rights in Japan to produce and distribute a console, specifically the Magnavox Odyssey.

Just like the other companies aiming to have their own product and name in the industry, Nintendo also began producing their very own hardware or consoles after 3 years. Their product is the Color-TV Game consoles and later on produces many other consoles that really attract many buyers, especially the young ones.

Many people are fond of using Nintendo consoles because it has good graphic, sounds and most especially it also offers several games that you can really enjoy. Though, one of the company’s main and famous products is called the Wii console games, which are released in the year 2006, month of November. In fact, Nintendo Company considered Wii as their best-selling console games in 2010 with sales of 67 million pieces.

Furthermore, the Nintendo DS is their very popular handheld gaming invention that is released worldwide in the year 2004 and 2005. The Nintendo DS console has an outstanding graphic, so you will really enjoy every game with it. Despite the fact that there are many games available in the internet, Nintendo consoles are indeed one of the best things that you can play with in this modern day because of its amazing features.