Weird But Useful Nyko Equipment Announced in E3 2016

There are a lot of exciting things happening every year during the E3 event. In this particular event, multiple gaming companies can showcase their new products as well as new games that are in store for the gamers.

One of the most popular peripheral manufacturers, Nyko, has just announced their new line of peripherals that are weird but useful. I will talk more about Nyko’s upcoming offerings in this article.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Nyko Speakercoms. Most of the Xbox One gamers nowadays have gaming headsets which also comes with a microphone. This is a handy way of communicating with the other players in the game you’re playing.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people have gaming headsets and not a lot of people are fond of using them. In fact, most Xbox One gamers I know usually just use their TV sets for the sound that the Xbox One game console emits.

But, with the Nyko Speakercoms, you can have a really nice speaker and microphone at the same time. The Nyko Speakercoms can be attached at the bottom portion of the Xbox One game controller.

It looks like a small speaker and it has a microphone that is hidden underneath it. As to the actual performance, that still remains to be seen when the product comes to the market. The Nyko Speakercoms can be latched on at the bottom of Xbox One and Playstation 4 standard controllers.

The second thing I want to talk about is the Nyko Intercooler grips. This is another attachment that can be latched onto the Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers.

Basically, this is a small fan attachment for the said game console controllers. This is especially useful for people who have sweaty hands when they’re gaming.

I might get one of these as my hands to get really sweaty during intense gaming situations. The Nyko Intercooler grips will be available on the market this fall and will retail at around $19-$25.

And lastly, Nyko will also ship their VR support accessories. One of their VR accessories is called the “VR Guardian”. Basically, it comes with 4 pads and some wrist wraps. You set the 4 pads on the ground and they will serve as the “boundary” if you will.

When you play a VR game and you go beyond the boundary, the wrist wraps will vibrate to signify that you’re going beyond the area where your pads are placed. It does so because both of them are using Bluetooth to communicate with each other.

But, probably the weirdest invention by Nyko is their acupuncture wrist bands. These wristbands have an acupressure bead and it stimulates the front portion of your hands (wrist) by applying pressure to it.

This will help reduce side effects due to prolonged use of VR headsets such as nausea, headaches, dizziness, among others.

The Nyko Acupuncture Wrist Bands costs $10 and will also ship this fall. Although it is weird, it does have a practical use.

Nyko may release all of these weird techs, but I think many people will actually love what they’re offering.